Here for you

A history of valuing people

At Oak Crossing, we understand that you put care and intention into your event.

Born out of parent company Jasper, Oak Crossing comes from a long-standing history of valuing people.

Jasper is a family-owned business dedicated not only to building world-class gas processing solutions, but doing so in a way that serves God’s Kingdom and impacts the lives of others.

It all began with founder Jon Jasper’s vision for a better place to work—a place that honored God and people and created excellent solutions for the hydrocarbon industry.

As the company grew, that vision has expanded into helping other businesses and organizations learn to provide the same love and care for their people.

Oak Crossing exists to be a space where that happens.

The know-how to make it happen

Guests feel genuinely welcomed when their host gets three things right:

  • A true desire to bring people together
  • A functional and beautiful space
  • Financial transparency

That’s why you’ll find all three at Oak Crossing– flexible space, genuine hospitality, and simple pricing.